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What is this place anyway?” He continues, looking around the tiny cell. Standing in the centre of a pitch black cell, the only visible objects are a door far off in the distance, the stone cold floor and the many chains that seem to disappear in the darkness but are attached to the girl who’s still lying naked on the floor .
“It’s called the ‘Underworld’ and it’s the only jail in the demon realm.” She replies, smugly.
“The demon realm? How is that even possible?” He asks.
“How about you start by helping me out of these chains?” She orders.
“I’m not sure I should do that.” He replies, cautious.
“Come on, do I look all that dangerous?” She asks, trying to look cute.
“Frankly? You’re really cute, but if we’re here in the demonic jail, then you must’ve done something wrong. If we were anywhere else? I’d believe you’re not hostile, but because we’re here I want no part in this.” He explains, apologetically.
“Those villagers sealed me in here because they thought I was a demon! They murdered my family!” She shouts, getting emotional.
“Are you a demon? Did they have good reason to murder your family?” He asks, getting serious now.
“Well…Yes, my family and I are demons. But we came to the human realm for a normal life! We meant no harm, we would never have done anything wrong, we just wanted to live in peace, not all demons are evil!” She screams frustrated and tearing up a little.
“So they just feared you because of what you were? They never even bothered to find out what you were like?” He asks, confused.
“No, n-never.” She mutters, turning her head away.

As she rolls over and faces the other way, the boy walks over to her taking a clip out from his pocket and using it he picks the locks that bind her, keeping his head down and tying hard not to look at her naked, alluring, shapely figure. He picks all the locks, takes off his jumper and hands it to her. Surprised she takes it and puts it on while he walks over to pick the door, it’s quite large on her and covers most of her body.
“Why?” She asks, surprised and confused.
“Because no one deserves treatment like that, demon or no.” He replies shortly, sniffling slightly. “I’m going to get you out of here, but you have to promise me you won’t seek revenge.” He explains, shortly.
“Why not!? They deserve it for what they did!” She shouts, angrily.
“Because then you’d be no better than they!” He replies, simply. “The world has changed; few people even believe demons exist anymore. But I’ll show you the world is a beautiful place...” He continues.
“Why would you help me?” She asks, still confused.
“I’ve been searching for my purpose in this world for a long time now and maybe, just maybe. You’re it.” He explains. “I came here to find a reason for why I exist, I didn’t fit in where I came from and after years of trying to live through it, I left hoping to find my place elsewhere.” He continues.
The lock clicks and the door swings open, outside the door a ladder appears that looks to ascend the depths that he fell from moments ago, together they climb the ladder and out the top of the well.
“My name’s Abel, what’s yours?” Abel asks, abruptly. She clambers out of the well as Abel delicately places the wooden covering back as accurately as he can to avoid suspicion.
“…Airi” She replies, reluctantly. “Where will we go? What will we do?” Airi asks Abel, quite politely.
“I, uh…Hadn’t thought that far ahead.” Abel says, scratching his head and chuckling slightly.
"Idiot." Airi grumbles, flustered.
This is the second page into the first chapter, where we find out a little bit of a back story to both Airi and Abel, and how Abel helps Airi escape her prison and swears to show Airi that the world is a different, beautiful place that no longer believes in demons and thus could never hurt them.

[Edit]: More minor alterations.

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I'm on a bit of a role at the moment so I'll keep 'em coming as fast as I can finish them.
MountainKing417 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
If Rika ever betrays Floren, I'm going to slap the demon off of her. :iconlooolplz:
Decadent-Desire Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Student Writer
It's Airi from now on Mountain King. I hope the name change doesn't change how you feel about this story!
Decadent-Desire Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Student Writer
Haha, We'll see. Many more pages to come, Much more story to tell.
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