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                                                        Prologue: Airi, The Nightmare

  Millennia ago there was a tale, that of a demon who terrorized her home village of Vallenn which was later earned the moniker “Village of Nightmares”. This demon’s name was Airi, she haunted this village for centuries, she had a rare ability that power was the ability to create dreams or nightmares, and the true reason for her evil behaviour was eventually lost to time. But Airi wasn’t always so cruel and heartless, she was once just a little girl in a strange world, her family had left the demon realm when Airi was born, afraid of the life she may have to live if they stayed in the demonic realm. However, the people of Vallenn weren’t too pleased to have a family of demons living amongst them, they were able to live peacefully for several years but when the town eventually found out they had demons living amongst them they took action.

  Airi’s family pleaded, begged and cried for mercy; after all, they just wanted to live in peace for the sake of their daughter, all kinds of people, even demons are born in all shapes and sizes Airi and her family were different but the villagers could never understand their wish to be free, all they could see were the facts and the facts were they were demons; to the villagers of Vallenn it didn’t matter to them whether they meant harm or not, all they saw was the danger they could pose to the town. So, armed with whatever they could find, swords, clubs, pitchforks, anything that could kill and they ravaged Airi’s parents though through all the carnage they were able to smuggle Airi away, but at the age of six she was hardly able to fend for herself until to her luck a family out hunting came across her, shivering from the cold, covered with cuts and bruises and with deep navy blue bags under her eyes, feeling a deep sense of remorse they took her under their wing and looked after her, not noticing that she was in fact a demon, but all the while under the surface brewed a great darkness, and by 12 she was far from the girl she was all those years ago.

  Returning to Vallenn she got her revenge, using her latent abilities she haunted and terrorized the dreams of her victims and she continued her revenge for many years, and her many victims suffered terrible fates, some went on murderous rampages while others simply committed suicide, but no matter how many died she kept haunting the villagers, she was never sated and would not cease until she had fulfilled her lust for revenge. Until one day the villagers worked together to fool her, and when Airi fell for the trap, they used an ancient sealing ritual that sent Airi into the underworld, a jail of the demon world where she would spend centuries alone, locked in chains and spirit binds with naught but her own rage to keep her company, she spent the many years building up more rage, a deeper insatiable lust to rip that town apart, tare families, lovers, friends apart from one another. So as she sat there chained in the middle of her tiny pitch black cell, she bided her time for one day she would be free of the binds keeping her tied down and free to destroy the little town of Vallenn.

  And so the little town of Vallenn returned to peace, and the title of “Village of Nightmares” faded, only to be renamed the “Village of Dreams” and tourists came from all over to see the new attraction; “The Shrine of Dreams and Nightmares” apply named because it was the very spot where Airi was sealed, the shrine contained a well, and through that well lies Airi, alone in her cell deep in the underworld jail concocting her plan of revenge on her hometown and with that, avenge the deaths of her parents who were killed so mercilessly just because the humans were afraid of their potential, she would show them true fear, she would show them just what it was they were afraid of all those years ago that would’ve never had happened if they’d just let them be, laying there chained and on a bloodstained bed she grinned a demonic grin, just awaiting on the moment where she would be free once more. The village won’t even know what hit them…
Nightmare Incarnate Prologue: Airi, The Nightmare

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[Edit]: Story is no longer a collaboration with KairisTwins, this is now my own. Therefore names and locales have been changed accordingly.
Main Character 1 Rika has been changed to Airi
Main Character 2 Floren has been changed to Abel (Temporarily while I think of a better name, I had one a while back but I forgot it.)
Home Village changed from Esslingberg to Vallenn again..

This is a story I am writing for KairisTwins, he gave me the go ahead to write a story based off of Rika and Floren and I gave him my idea. He likes my thoughts on the story and has also offered his own great ideas.

This Prologue or "Back Story" is about how Airi came to be known as the Nightmare. There are plenty more to come as I can only upload page by page.
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